Handyman London

Looking for a handyman in London can be a difficult task. In a city so big there are a lot of companies but some only perform certain tasks or cover certain areas of London.

However – our team of handymen offer a full range of services right across the capital – all at an extremely competitive rate. We offer everything from small household repairs, minor home improvements, assembly of flat pack furniture, lower scale plumbing work. We can put up shelving or secure furniture to avoid topples. We can also provide small household renovations eg. Stripping wallpaper, removing tiles or lifting carpets.

It’s also difficult to find services through word of mouth in London, harder than in smaller villages where people can give you personal recommendations. There are many positive reviews for our handyman team in London here on our site so feel free to browse through – no need to just take our word for it!

You can book handyman London services for an hour or for the whole day and we won’t charge you a call out fee. Take advantage of our multitalented team who can turn their hand to many tasks meaning you won’t need to contact several different companies who are all charging different rates and call out fees. We like to keep things simple because we know you do too.

You could be searching for handyman London for personal or business needs but we cater to either and we’re sure you’ll return again and again to use our handyman services. Feel free to give our dedicated team a call to discuss your specific needs.


Bathroom fitting London

When it comes to home improvements and re-modeling your house the mere prospect can seem daunting.

Ok, maybe the idea of repainting a room and buying new drapes or having a new carpet fitted isn’t so bad. You might even stretch to wallpapering yourself. However, for most people the idea of fitting a bathroom or kitchen would be a bridge too far!

Maybe this is the best time to call in the professionals. Let’s consider what kind of work is involved.

Firstly it is most likely that you will need to remove any existing bathroom suite or fitted kitchen. That means stopping all water and power to appliances, removing them carefully to limit the damage. Then there may be wall tiles or flooring to be removed, again this needs to be done carefully so as not to damage the surface underneath.

That said, there will of course be unavoidable damage and that’s where you will then probably need a plasterer to make good the surface.

After all that comes the refit. If you have purchased a kitchen which needs to be assembled in situ you’ll want to make sure it’s well put together and fitted for the job. If there have been any mistakes in measurements then specialist tools may be needed to, for example, cut a worktop down to size.

Once the units are fitted the appliances (new or old) need to be refitted and reconnected to water and power. You don’t want to cut corners and end up with a flood!

Finally you’re onto the decorative choices, flooring, wall tiling/splashbacks, curtain rails, painting and wallpapering. It would be such a shame to let all the initial hard work go to waste by not adding the finishing touches with a high level of skill.

Don’t forget you’ll be living without the use of you kitchen or bathroom throughout this so you want to avoid any delays where possible by using someone who knows the tricks of the trade.


Handyman Services London

Do you have blocked guttering or even just a squeaky cupboard door? We can provide top quality, professional handyman services throughout London for all your household needs. With us, the old saying really is true – no job too big, no job too small!


How many times have you embarked on a project around the home and found you don’t have the right tools for the job? Or even if you do have the tools, it’s just too tricky. Perhaps you can no longer handle tasks which were once a doddle – no problem for our polite and pleasant handymen. So we’re the ones who can help you in your hour of need.


The best part about a handyman service is that we are Multi-talented so you can avoid costs mounting up since there’s no need to order several different tradesmen all charging separate fees.

We offer a wide variety of services from the simple things like hanging a picture or fixing a leaky tap to assembly of flat pack furniture and even larger scale plumbing work, light painting and decorating and home repairs. For an extra fee we can even make sure to professionally clean up after ourselves so you needn’t lift a finger – except to give us a click or call of course!

Feel free to contact our friendly team with your job request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, offering flexible and competitive prices and nothing but the highest standard of work. Why not book us to come and complete several jobs for you in one go. We can send one man or a whole team to finish those niggling jobs all the way through your home.

So don’t waste your hard-earned free time struggling to put up those shelves or re-grouting the bathroom – let us do it for you.